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Land Rover

Over 2 Decades of Experience in Fitting and Servicing Land Rover Vehicles

With over 20 years of experience to facilitate the Land Rover owners, we strive to provide the best servicing and fitting facility to the locals of West Thurrock regardless of what model of Land Rover they drive.

With Substantial investment in state-of-the-art facility and most updated equipment specialized for Land Rover repairs, Servicing and Fitting of engines, we are the top choice for locals and have gained their trust with our dedication to our craft.

Our testimonials prove the quality and devotion to our services and our clients. Visit us to have complete peace of mind and great services.

Land Rover Engine Codes to Help You Find Your Vehicle

Make Model Engine Code Valves Actual CC Power kw / hp Year Range Action
Land Rover Defender ZSD-422 16 2198 90 kw / 122 hp 1990-continue

Expertise Meets Excellence at Vogue Tecnics

Vogue Technics

Land Rover vehicles are synonymous with luxury, durability, and off-road capability. Of all its models, the Land Rover Defender stands out as an embodiment of versatility and elegance. But like all machines, over time, it may require engine replacements or repairs. At Vogue Tecnics, we understand the importance of having a reliable engine, and that’s why we offer top-notch Land Rover Defender used and reconditioned engines for sale. Whether you’re looking for a temporary solution or a long-term replacement, our range of engines promises quality and performance.

Our team at Vogue Tecnics are proud to be known as the Land Rover Defender Used And Reconditioned Engines Specialists. We have built this reputation through years of dedicated service, ensuring every Land Rover Defender owner gets an engine that aligns with the vehicle's legacy. Not only do we offer Land Rover Defender engines for sale, but we also provide comprehensive services to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly and efficiently.

Whether you're considering a rebuilt engine, a full engine replacement, or even just some minor repairs, Vogue Tecnics is your one-stop solution. We have been in the business long enough to understand that a Land Rover isn't just a vehicle, it's a passion. Hence, we treat every Land Rover Defender with the respect and attention it deserves.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Services

Every repair journey begins with accurate diagnostics. At Vogue Tecnics, our experts utilize the latest equipment and tools to gauge your engine's health, ensuring any anomalies are immediately detected. A precise understanding of the problem allows us to advise you on the best possible solution, be it a minor tweak or a significant overhaul.

Moreover, we understand the intricacies of the Land Rover Defender engine. Our diagnostics are not just about finding the problem but understanding how it impacts your specific model. This customized approach ensures that your vehicle gets the attention it deserves, setting the stage for efficient and effective repairs.

Expert Rebuild and Repair Services

An engine rebuild can save you the cost and hassle of a full replacement. Our specialized team meticulously inspects, cleans, and refurbishes worn-out parts, giving your Land Rover Defender a new lease of life. Our rebuild engine services are rigorous and thorough, ensuring every component functions optimally.

Vogue Technics

Furthermore, a rebuild doesn't just mean fixing what's broken. It's about enhancing the overall performance, ensuring that your Land Rover Defender runs smoother, lasts longer, and provides an unparalleled driving experience. Trust our experts to restore and even elevate your vehicle's performance.

Quality Reconditioned Engines

A reconditioned engine from Vogue Tecnics is more than just a second-hand unit; it's an embodiment of quality and performance. Our array of used and reconditioned Land Rover Defender engines undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring they meet or even surpass original specifications.

Choosing a reconditioned engine doesn't mean compromising on quality. With our meticulous refurbishing processes, you receive an engine that performs as if it's straight from the factory. It's about combining affordability with high standards, ensuring your Land Rover Defender runs like a dream.

Genuine Land Rover Defender Parts

Using genuine parts is more than a recommendation; it's a necessity. At Vogue Tecnics, our repairs and rebuilds exclusively utilize authentic Land Rover Defender parts. This not only ensures compatibility but also guarantees the longevity and performance of your vehicle.

The benefits of genuine parts extend beyond mere fit. They harmonize perfectly with your vehicle, optimizing fuel efficiency, reducing wear and tear, and ensuring your Land Rover Defender continues its legacy of excellence. With Vogue Tecnics, rest assured your vehicle gets nothing but the best.

Hassle-Free Engine Replacement

Land Rover Defender Engine For Sale
Reconditioned Land Rover Defender Engines
Land Rover Defender Reconditioned Engines

Replacing an engine can seem daunting, but with Vogue Tecnics, the process becomes seamless. From guiding you to the perfect replacement Land Rover Defender engine to ensuring its flawless installation, our team ensures you get back on the road with minimal downtime.

We're here to demystify engine replacement. Our experts walk you through every step, ensuring you're informed and comfortable with the decisions made. With Vogue Tecnics, engine replacement becomes less of a chore and more of a rejuvenating experience for your Land Rover Defender.

Personalized Engine Care Advice

Every Land Rover Defender has its unique story, and its care regimen should reflect that. At Vogue Tecnics, our technicians not only fix and replace but also advise. We provide you with bespoke care tips tailored to your vehicle's needs, ensuring peak performance and longevity.

This tailored advice goes beyond mere maintenance. It's about understanding the heart of your vehicle, its quirks, and its strengths. Whether it's recommending performance tweaks or guiding you on routine care, Vogue Tecnics is committed to ensuring your Land Rover Defender always gives its best.

Competitive Pricing

At Vogue Tecnics, we believe in value. Our top-notch services come with competitive pricing, ensuring you get the best without burning a hole in your pocket. And with up to 40% off on online queries for used and reconditioned engines, the deal becomes even sweeter.

It's not just about the upfront costs. By choosing Vogue Tecnics, you're investing in quality, which translates to fewer issues down the line, saving you money in the long run. Our competitive pricing combined with unparalleled service ensures your Land Rover Defender gets the best, always.

Convenient Engine Delivery Services

Not everyone requires fitting services, and we respect that. If you choose to buy a Land Rover Defender engine without the fitting, we've got you covered. Our delivery services ensure your engine reaches your desired address promptly and in impeccable condition.

Our commitment is to convenience. Whether you're miles away or just around the corner, our trusted delivery partners ensure your engine reaches you safely, allowing you to proceed with your plans without delay. With Vogue Tecnics, every aspect of your Land Rover Defender's care is in expert hands.

Comprehensive Fitting and Minor Repair Services

Beyond selling engines, Vogue Tecnics offers a comprehensive fitting service. Whether you've opted for a used or reconditioned Land Rover Defender engine, our experts ensure it fits perfectly, guaranteeing optimal performance. Plus, for those minor engine issues, our team is equipped to handle them promptly and efficiently.

With our services, it's not just about fitting an engine; it's about ensuring harmony between every component. Our technicians ensure that your new engine communicates seamlessly with every part of your vehicle, guaranteeing a smooth and exhilarating drive every time.

Experience the Vogue Tecnics Difference

With Vogue Tecnics, it's more than just a service; it's an experience. Our commitment to excellence, combined with a deep understanding of the Land Rover Defender, ensures you get more than just a fix. You get a partner, a guide, and a team that's as passionate about your vehicle as you are.

From the moment you step into our facility or browse our online inventory, you'll sense the difference. It's in the way we talk about the Land Rover Defender, the way we handle it, and the solutions we provide. Dive into the Vogue Tecnics world and give your Land Rover Defender the care it truly deserves.

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