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Premium Inlet Manifolds for All Land Rover & Range Rover Models

Welcome to Vogue Technics, for all things about Land Rover and Range Rover inlet manifold. If you are reinstating performance back into your motor because of a smashed intake manifold, or you have an inlet manifold that requires fixing, then we have the solution. Are you looking for genuine parts? Shop from the original designs in stock; all are tailored to your specific model. Contact us today and make your driving experience better with our parts!

Is your vehicle's performance beginning to drop? Well, maybe it's about time you checked that inlet manifold. And that's an outlet manifold of excellent quality, which we offer at Vogue Technics. Compatible with many models, including the powerful 3.0 TDV6 and V6 diesel from Land Rover and Range Rover. Never allow the automobile challenges to pin you down. Explore your options and find the best that would go well with your car to better its performance.

From the Land Rover Discovery 4 Inlet Manifold right through to the Range Rover Sport Inlet Manifold, and even the prestigious Range Rover L405, the range is second to none. We help you get your car back on the road quicker and for less with competitive pricing and delivery across the UK. We even supply a complete solution in the form of a comprehensive kit. Order now and save as much as 40% on your purchase. Let's get your Rover running like new!

Signs of a Faulty Inlet Manifold

A faulty inlet manifold can significantly impact your vehicle's performance. Understanding the signs can help you address issues before they worsen. Look for these indicators:

  • Loss of Power: If your vehicle struggles to accelerate, it might be due to a compromised manifold.
  • Limp Mode: The vehicle's safety mode may activate to prevent damage, indicating manifold problems.
  • Restricted Performance: Performance issues often stem from manifold defects.
  • Unusual Engine Noise: Any new or unusual sounds could be signs of a failing manifold.

Choose the Right Inlet Manifold for Your Land Rover/Range Rover

Care should be taken while choosing the right inlet manifold for the best performance of the vehicle. The item is expected to match either the Land Rover 3.0 V6 TDV6 model or the Range Rover SDV6. This actually gives you better efficiency from your vehicle and also assures a long life.

If you are in doubt about what manifold is right for your Rover, then we here at Vogue Technics can come to your aid. With expert advice and a large product range, we shall always make the best decision for your vehicle needs.

Inlet Manifold for Sale All Models

We stock a very large range of inlet manifolds for all models of Land Rover and Range Rover, from the classic Discovery to the sleek Range Rover Velar. Be it the right-hand or left-hand side inlet manifold, we have the parts required in stock, and they fit perfectly into the engine of your vehicle. Every manifold we sell is designed to the exacting standards of the OEM, ensuring a perfect fit and reliable performance. The products are for 3.0L V6 SDV6 and TDV6 engines, fitting models made after 2010.

Genuine Inlet Manifolds Replacement

Only original spare parts will have a vehicle return its performance and safety. Our original Land Rover inlet manifolds will ensure that your vehicle performs as it was supposed to, with all the systems working in tandem.

That's a small price to pay for genuine parts that will limit wear and tear, further guaranteeing a longer life for your Land Rover or Range Rover. In addition, all parts supplied are genuine and come with a 12-month warranty.

Land Rover & Range Rover Inlet Manifold Replacement Cost

Replacing the inlet manifold is very important for keeping the health of the vehicle's performance. It can cost more or less, all depending on the model and the specific part needed. However, at Vogue Technics, we strive to offer the most competitive pricing. Our replacement services are very cost-effective and hence make sure that the value of the customer is reached. With a discount of up to 40%, we assure you that keeping your vehicle becomes easier without compromising quality.

Competitive Prices, Fitting & Delivery Options

We pride ourselves on offering competitive prices across our entire range of inlet manifolds. Additionally, we provide flexible delivery options throughout the UK, ensuring you receive your parts swiftly and securely.

Choosing us means enjoying significant savings and convenient service options. Get your needed parts delivered right to your doorstep or your preferred garage.

Why Choose Us?

Here are more reasons to choose Vogue Technics when it comes to the parts needs:

  • Expert Advice: Our team's in-depth knowledge ensures you find the perfect part.
  • Quality Guaranteed: We deal only with genuine and high-quality replacement parts.
  • UK Wide Delivery: We take the parts to where you need them.
  • Competitive Pricing: Best unbeatable prices on quality parts.
  • Vast Range: From TDV6 to SDV6 engines, we got all your needs.
  • Customer Support: Our dedicated support is here to help you at each and every step.

Schedule Your Inlet Manifold Replacement Today

Don't wait to address your Land Rover or Range Rover's inlet manifold issues. Schedule a replacement with us today and ensure your vehicle remains in top condition with Vogue Technics. Our expert team is on hand to provide a smooth and efficient service, ensuring your Rover returns to its optimal performance quickly.