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Admin | September 10, 2021

Range Rover Sport, A Mid-Sized SUV That Can Qualify for Flagship

Range Rover Sport, A Mid-Sized SUV That Can Qualify for Flagship

Range Rover Sport Ticks All the Boxes for Flagship SUV at Lower Price Bracket

Range Rover sport can qualify as a flagship SUV product for any top-notch auto manufacturer owing to its brilliant design and build quality and its state-of-the-art technology used in the automotive world. Yet, this might surprise you that Range Rover Sport is not the flagship vehicle in the said lineup. Its full fat stablemate is the Range Rover is the flagship vehicle but the good news is that Range Rover sport is not far behind the top choice. In many ways, it ticks more boxes than the Range Rover like it’s a 7-seater for a starter.

Let’s have a detailed look into the Range Rover Sport and explore where it takes the lead from other Range Rovers.


History Old Styling with Modern Touch

Range Rover has a history of distinctive styling that never goes away completely. There are hardly any instances when you will not be able to recognize a Range Rover and sport inherits those ques from its bigger brother. With the passage of time, it has changed a lot and became modern looking without losing its charm.

Engines and Ride Quality

Range Rover Sport is equipped with a range of interesting engine choices. It has engines that are more on the sensible side such as 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol with an electric motor. It can do 0-60 in a quick 6.3 sec and return a respectable average as well. There are 3.0-liters straight-six petrol engines with mild hybrid assistance but it’s neither good on performance nor on fuel average. The wise choice is the diesel six-cylinder engine that has more torque.

If you are looking to get the sensation of Range Rover Sport than you should opt for the top choice of 5.0-liter petrol V8 engine with a mighty 567hp, this engine brings out the real excitement and speed out of Range Rover Sport. Working at high revs on constant basis, it is common for those engines to face problems and for replacement, you should try and find reconditioned Range Rover Sport engines to save valuable money.

Elegant and Classic Interior

Range Rover Sport inherits the commanding driving position from its bigger brother that puts you high on the road. The steering has many adjustments for driving perfection and seats are snug and comfortable to make you fit in. Even though the interior room is aplenty, all the controls are within reach and the infotainment screen makes it easy to control many functions.

Front and rear cameras and parking sensors make it easy to maneuver. Two screens on the dashboard take care of the most of the functions. The Interior finish is high quality and stitched leather makes it even more premium.

Ride Comfort of Range Rover Sport

For a sport SUV, Range Rover Sport offers excellent ride comfort. Its ride is comfortable and smooth on the tarmac and the cabin is quiet and luxurious. Just a little tip, if you require more comfort then choose low trim levels as these variants come with not as stiff suspension as the higher trim models.


Driving an SUV is an acquired taste and only a few souls enjoy it to the max. but if you are one of them who enjoy driving a fast vehicle while sitting in a commanding and high driving position then you should try Range Rover Sport once to know the real value of riding a real SUV that is fast, luxurious, comfortable, stylish, and safe to drive and cab perform duties ranging from doing the school runs for kids to taking on the difficult terrains off the road.