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Admin | September 7, 2021

Range Rover Evoque, A Sub Compact SUV Trail Blazer

Range Rover Evoque, A Sub Compact SUV Trail Blazer

Range Rover Evoque shows its rivals what is possible with a small-sized SUV

Range Rover Evoque was launched in 2012 and became an instant success. Soon it became the most successful Range Rover and sold a record number of vehicles. Its success was so commanding that Range Rover hardly changed it ever since as customers kept buying the Range Rover Evoque in droves.

Nothing is permanent in this world and this applies to the Range Rover Evoque as well. In the latest generation of the Evoque, some changes were made and the new phase of Evoque began.


You get 2 liters inter-cooled turbo engine with standard AWD and nine-speed automatic transmission. The engine produces 246 hp and does 0-60 in almost 9 seconds. It provides a fuel economy of 20 mph intercity and 27 mpg on the highway. Evoque was introduced at the launch with a more powerful engine but later the company decided that this vehicle has different dynamics and would benefit from the more economical options in the power terrain. Its current engines are excellent performers and are now easily available for replacement as many places offer used and reconditioned Range Rover Evoque engines at economical prices.


The biggest selling point for Range Rover Evoque was the way it looked. With its futuristic looks, motorized door handles, streamlined front and back bumpers. Wheelbase was extended to create more leg and headroom for the passengers. A meticulous attention to detail was given to the styling to keep the overall look calmer and sophisticated.

Range Rover Evoque provides you with more than enough legroom for the front passengers and just enough legroom for the passengers at the back. You get 22 cubic feet of cargo area and if you fold down the rear seats then you can expand the cargo capacity to 50 cubic feet.


Range Rover Evoque’s interior is one of the popular selling points as it is spectacularly stylish and upmarket. You get plenty of leather and glossy trims and get many tech gizmos to keep you entertained. You get massage front seats, perforated heated leather steering wheel, fixed panoramic glass roof with integrated power sunblind, apple car play, Android auto, navigation, Wi-Fi hotspot capability, configurable interior mood lighting and infotainment system as standard.

Driver assistance is also available in the shape of the rearview camera with front parking aid, clear sight rearview mirror, blind-spot monitoring, closing vehicle sensing reverse traffic detection and traffic sign recognition.


We are extremely confident when we say that exterior wise this is the sharpest looking crossover available in the market. Its sophisticated and eye-catching and suite the urban area’s tarmac.

The Interior of the vehicle makes things even more interesting. It’s posh and elegant and welcomes you to a world of leather and expensive-looking trims. Guess what, it’s roomy as well and provides you plenty of space to travel in ease.

If Land Rover is involved in the manufacturing of a vehicle than it is almost understood that you can trust its off-road ability. Range Rover Evoque has taken it up a notch and now it recognizes the terrain with the help of its computers and engage in the most suitable drive mode. On the road, it’s not a slouch either and handles itself quite well. Make no mistake, Range Rover Evoque is not built for off-roading, this is just another trick up its sleeve that it can show on occasions. Otherwise, it’s just an urban brat who can roam around the smooth tarmac on reasonable speed and fineness. You cannot expect too much from it but still can drive in comfort and style where ever you go.

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