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Admin | September 24, 2021

A Review of Range Rover Velar

A Review of Range Rover Velar

Range Rover Velar is a Star in its Range

Range Rover Velar is an ode to the very early model of the original Range Rover when the owners wanted to conceal the newly developed vehicle from the world. Given the futuristic and stealthy looks that this vehicle supports, Velar is a name that suites its characteristics. Land Rover explored the lucrative gap between Evoque and Range Rover Sport and developed a perfect vehicle for the customers that were longing for a vehicle to fall into the price bracket between those two vehicles.

It does not mean that Velar faces no competition as it battles with BMW X6, Mercedes GLE, Porsche Macan, Jaguar F Pace and Volvo Xc60 and make no mistake all of the above-mentioned vehicles drive and perform equally good if not better. But none of those vehicles has the same visual presence and regal looks. Despite being one of the most road-biased Range Rover ever built, it is still more capable off-road than most of its rivals.

Engines and Performance

Range Rover Velar comes with a range of some fantastic engine choices. The base engine is a 247 hp turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder that is fine for a comfortable ride but struggles when you require to really shift the vehicle. It takes approximately 7.4 seconds to hit 60 mph. A 3.0-litre inline turbocharged and supercharged engine provide respectively 335 and 395 bhp and can be called performance-focused and are able to move the Velar much quicker.

A supercharged V8 in the SV Autobiography is the most powerful and thrilling to drive but buying an Autobiography means moving into a completely different price bracket. You can add optional air suspension for more controlled and manageable manoeuvring although its cost is another issue. Facing engine problems? Contact Vogue Techniques, the best Range Rover engine specialists in the UK.

Aerodynamic Exterior

The exterior of Range Rover Velar is surprisingly a breakaway from the typically boxy shape as Range Rover has opted to introduce sleek, modern and eye-catching design to lure the younger client base. It has modern touches such as dropped roofline, pinched back and pop-out door handles with squinty front and backlights attracts the client base not in their 70s.

More Space in the Interior

Range Rover Velar tops all the expectations when it comes to the interior. It just feels fantastic, ultra-luxurious, and super elegant as soon as you enter the vehicle. You get leather trim splashed all over the interior cabin and every material that is on display, feels expensive. You get dual infotainment screens to control a plethora of functions. A multi-control steering also help you concentrate on driving while controlling multiple functions. Its longer wheelbase allows enough space for both front and back seats. There is tremendous boot space that can accommodate 10 carry on with seats up and 23 with all seats folded.

Technology and Driver Assistance

Range Rover Velar comes with many drivers assistance features such as adaptive cruise control, active park assists, automated emergency braking, automatic front beams, blind spot monitor, driver attention monitor, forward collision monitor, lane departure warning, lane-keeping assist, and parking sensors.

Inside the cabin, you get an apple and android car play and controllable ambient lighting system and dual climate control.

All in all, Range Rover Velar may be a pretty face in fancy clothes but it’s also very capable off-road too. We can bet anything that velar of today can wade way further than any older Range Rover model of the past.

This vehicle not only looks splendid from the outside but once you are inside, it is ultra-comfortable. It’s also secure and with plethora of driver assists and its shrunken stature, is a breeze to drive.

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