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Range Rover

Over 2 Decades of Experience in Fitting and Servicing Range Rover Vehicles

With over 20 years of experience to facilitate the Range Rover owners, we strive to provide the best servicing and fitting facility to the locals of West Thurrock regardless of what model of Range Rover they drive.

With Substantial investment in state-of-the-art facility and most updated equipment specialized for Range Rover repairs, Servicing and Fitting of engines, we are the top choice for locals and have gained their trust with our dedication to our craft.

Our testimonials prove the quality and devotion to our services and our clients. Visit us to have complete peace of mind and great services.

Range Rover Engine Codes to Help You Find Your Vehicle

Make Model Engine Code Valves Actual CC Power kw / hp Year Range Action
Range Rover Sport 276DT 24 2720 140 kw / 190 hp 2005-continue
Land Rover Discovery 3 276DT 24 2720 140 kw / 190 hp 2004-2009
Land Rover Discovery 4 276DT 24 2720 140 kw / 190 hp 2009-continue

Buy Recon & Second hand Range Rover 2.7 Engines

Vogue Technics

If you are looking to replace the engine in your Range Rover then there are lots of intricate details that need to be monitored closely to achieve perfection in engine replacement. Finding the exact replacement engine for your vehicle is an art and Vogue Technics could be the expert advice that can ensure that you are getting the exact engine necessary to replace the existing engine. 
Range Rover 2.7 engine is a Unique and efficient engine that is 2.7 LTR and produces 190 and can be a perfect replacement for Range Rover.

How to Determine the Size of the Engine?

The size of an engine is determined by the amount of space there is in an engine’s cylinders. This is where the mixture of fuel and air is combusted and ignited to make the energy required to make the vehicle move. So, volume between all the cylinders or even some times number of the cylinders determine the engine size.

Remember the common misconception that bigger the better. Current technologies allow for increased fuel efficiency while returning better power and torque figures.

What Role Does Engine size play in Replacement?

The best replacement engine process can only be performed if you replace the engine as per factory specs. A difference in engine size could mean alteration in the body structure of the vehicle or in the engine itself which is never ideal.

Let the Vogue Technics Determine Best Replacement

We have experts who can determine what engine displacement would be best for your engine replacement and we can provide the exact engine from our huge stock of used and reconditioned Land Rover engines. We can provide any size of engine you require for your vehicle and if we do not have the required engine available in our stock then we rebuild your existing engine.

Vogue Technics